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My Age Calculator accurately calculates your exact age and tells, how old you are now?

How Old am I Today? Age Calculator
Please choose your birthday in the day, month, year and optianally your birth time in the hour, minute format and press buttun to learn the answer for How Old am I Today?
Also, your age as total days will be calculated.

The age is something one person is proud of, while another tries to hide it from everyone. Traditionally, the age of a person is connected with the person’s life experience, values, and wisdom. It is a known fact that our age is measured chronologically, but not everyone is aware of the fact that in different cultures age is calculated in different ways. I.e., some nations define a person’s age starting from the day the person was born, and some consider a newborn baby being already 1 year old. In old-fashioned Chinese culture, the age of a person is calculated by their Traditional New Year defined by Traditional Chinese Lunar Year.

How to use My Age Calculator?

Do you want to know "How old are You?", then you are in the right place. This simple and easy to use Age Calculator helps you to calculate and learn your age in traditional European and American manner, based on your birthdate. Calculate your exact age more accurately with timezone and birth time options. Age Calculator will try to detect your timezone and your age will be calculated according to selected timezone(It should be set to the timezone at your place of birth). All you need to do is just to enter the date you were born at, in the format of day, month, year, hour, minute. As a result, you will see your age in years, months, days, hours and minutes. By using your date and time of birth you will know your age today, and find the answer to "what is my age, right now?".


Guest 2019-10-17 10:00:25

I was born on april fools day...april 1

bill 2019-10-17 06:10:37

im 5k days old m8

cole 2019-10-16 11:59:24

so how old am i.

Steve 2019-10-16 10:21:23

Born Friday 21 December 2001, currently 6507 days old.

Johnathan Lea 2019-10-16 07:59:09

Very useful so I can see when I’m 15 and 7 months old, as I’m going to apply for the British army. Aspiring to be a paratrooper ;)

Guest 2019-10-16 06:54:17

I am 9,368 days old.

Daddy 2019-10-16 04:33:00

I'm 4,996 days old...WOW

john 2019-10-16 03:20:30

68 was a good year

A.Harb 2019-10-15 06:24:12

Can people here meet others who were born in same their birthdate

N V R RAO 2019-10-15 02:34:45

Super i was very impressed

theo 2019-10-14 12:28:29

this is cool to work out ma paps age hes no longer with us and will be 93 in December

unknown human 2019-10-13 22:34:14

Your age is total 11,973 days..... question where i will be next half of my life almost gone

Heather Wood 2019-10-13 08:37:51

Thanks for your help!! For some reason I'm always at least a year behind in reality,yet a year or more ahead in my crazy mind, lol!

Guest 2019-10-13 08:15:27

I know what time I was born!

You'reNextBish 2019-10-12 13:39:13

I have no idea what time I was born lol

savannah 2019-10-11 20:56:42

i cant believe that im 4,702 days old

destiny 2019-10-11 09:46:47

12 years 1 month 10 days58 minutes
You were born in 11:47am on Saturday 1st September 2007
Next birthday in 10 months 20 days 23 hours and 1 minute
Your age is total of 4,422 days.

cash baker 2019-10-10 05:15:02

who doesnt know there b-day

germel 2019-10-09 18:38:03

im old

Colby Brock 2019-10-09 16:05:15

I can see how old I will be in the future and I love it!!!

Guest 2019-10-09 09:14:55

i couldnt find my time zone.but nonetheless im suprised 4865 is so feels like longer

Lohith 2019-10-09 06:35:35


Mia 2019-10-08 11:47:23

This is amazing it is right got my birthday right .did it get your birthday right ??

Abdelrahman 2019-10-07 19:18:49

I am 6,585 days old!

Khalyl 2019-10-05 08:15:47

I love this its so cool i can see when its my birth day

Slmdiik 2019-10-04 19:56:11

The happy birthday made me smile. Thanks.

sia 2019-10-04 16:10:22

18 years 6 months 24 days 9 hours and 30 minutes
You were born in 9:38am on Saturday 10th March 2001
Next birthday in 5 months 5 days 14 hours and 29 minutes
Your age is total 6,782 days.

anele 2019-10-03 04:47:40

today is my birthday

I HAS NU LIFE 2019-10-01 13:57:30


Thsuki 2019-10-01 11:37:39

I remember years...

The man who is going to live more than average women age 2019-09-28 13:23:33

Idk about that honey but I know that I always have bad time with people when they learn how young I am, how do I deal with that without telling a lie?

Guest 2019-09-27 07:08:40

Why the women live more than men in general?

Guest 2019-09-26 01:51:14


The Grim Reaper 2019-09-24 21:31:57

I was never born in the first place. I am endlessly dead. This age calculator is absolutely incorrect!

Gotit 2019-09-23 11:18:43

I finally know my age

Shadow 2019-09-22 21:22:53

Close to 25,000 days.

wild 2019-09-22 11:18:39

Your age is
14 years 4 months 14 days
15 hours and 31 minutes
You were born in
9:45am on Sunday 8th May 2005
Next birthday in
7 months 15 days 8 hours and 28 minutes
Your age is total 5,250 days.

Lil 2019-09-22 06:59:11


jaylynn 2019-09-21 06:29:55

im olny 10 trnuing 11 4 more days yay

Guest 2019-09-19 18:02:08

18 years 6 months 28 days
2 hours and 30 minutes

Kitty 2019-09-19 06:21:22

I am 3306 days old so that is 9 years 21 days I was born aug 28 2010

Jack 2019-09-18 08:10:40

Like others, came because I'd forgotten....

aimee reynolds 2019-09-18 01:37:35

thanks for telling this information

22yrold Age-forgetter 2019-09-17 22:38:31

I forgot my age, thanks for the reminder

Guest 2019-09-17 11:09:28

gamer girl bath water

Lola 2019-09-17 09:57:12

I am 4,654 days old.Time flys.

Imad Krvavac 2019-09-16 12:44:32

Im 8 years old

The awesome llama 2019-09-16 11:30:09

3,989 days old.....i thought i was older than that lol

Zakaria 2019-09-16 10:08:18

Thought I was 26...turned out I am 24 AND 10 months old. YAY

Amelia 2019-09-14 21:58:00

My birthday is tomorrow! It is in 15 hours and 38 minutes.
10 years 11 months 30 days
8 hours and 24 minutes
You were born in
1:32pm on Monday 15th September 2008
Next birthday in
15 hours and 35 minutes

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