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Age calculator accurately calculates your exact age and tells you how old are you now. Please choose your birthday date, month, year, hour, minute to learn how old am i. Also your age in total days will be calculated below.

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This simple and easy to use age calculator can help you to calculate your age in traditional European and American manner, basing on the date of a person’s birth and learn how old are you.

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About Age Calculator

The age is something one person is proud of and other person is trying to hide from everyone. Traditionally, the age of a person is connected with the person’s life experience, values, and wisdom. It is a known fact that our age is measured chronologically, but not everyone is aware about the fact that in different cultures age is calculated in a different way. I.e., some nations define a person’s age starting from the day the person was born, and some cultures consider a newborn baby being already 1 year old. In old-fashioned Chinese culture the age of a person is calculated referring to their Traditional New Year, which is defined by Traditional Chinese Lunar Year.

All you need to do is just enter the date you were born at in the format of day month year and hour minute, and as an output you will see your age in years, month, days, hours and minutes. Therefore, by using your date of birth you will know your age at this date and find the answer to what is my age now.

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Recent Comments

ganesh 2017-08-19 06:53:59

i am 18 years 6 months i major?

pugsarecool159 2017-08-17 22:34:33

Hi, My birthday is 2nd May 2006 so i am eleven 12 next year who`s birthday is in May or on the second of May. It doesn`t have to be the year you were born.

Arozo 2017-08-13 17:11:16

I was born on the first of may in 2004 and i am 13 years old

Vishesh 2017-08-11 01:56:00

Your age is
21 years 11 months 16 days
8 hours and 17 minutes

You were born in
6:06am on Saturday 26th August 1995

Next birthday in
14 days 15 hours and 42 minutes

Your age is total 8,020 days.

Hmmm 2017-08-08 21:37:41

I want to start counting my days by the 100's

Rhys 2017-08-08 21:30:55

Happy birthday to me, 6,939 days old today! (09/08/2017)

Belle 2017-08-08 10:58:32

I'm 7 and popular and hot lovely cute

Lori 2017-08-06 01:07:20

Birthday come on its August 10 woop woop

David Williiamson 2017-08-05 22:38:40

I am visiting with my 75 year old mother and 4 year old nephew

meles 2017-08-05 20:29:31

Only 18 day to complete 25 year

Araz 2017-08-05 08:20:07

Thank you

Mollie 2017-08-04 00:57:58


Hossam 2017-08-04 00:30:27

I am 36 you 3 my 2 days ..hurryiiiii

Ari 2017-08-02 02:40:38

14 years old n i dont wanna grow up

Mrs Campbells. 2017-08-01 05:49:06

I am 97 years old
Can someone tell me how to copy and paste on a computer.
Thankyou very much.

JustAKid 2017-07-31 11:26:05

Anyone born on october 21st?

Skip 2017-07-31 06:34:42

Most of you probably come here because it is cool to see the number of days/minutes/seconds. Some of us old folks come here because we really can't remember how old we are this year...Calculator tells me 44.

Emalee-jayne 2017-07-31 00:52:51

Mummy's birthday today

Shhh 2017-07-29 22:51:09

20 Aug my b'day!!!

Savannah Oneal 2017-07-29 16:42:01

I am 3,519 days old

Alex 2017-07-29 09:29:16

About a month left until my 21st birthday....August 29th.

Sunil vadthya 2017-07-29 05:16:29

22y.10m.08d total 8347 days

Albert Einstein 2017-07-27 14:49:08

110 years 7 months 29 days
21 hours and 48 minutes

You were born in
1:00am on Wednesday 28th November 1906

Next birthday in
4 months 2 hours and 11 minutes

Your age is total 40,419 days.

Dave 2017-07-26 23:02:45

Certain parts of me are older than others, some younger ;-)

Camren 2017-07-26 00:03:20

I am 5,045 days old.
13 years.
9 monthes old

NIHAL 2017-07-25 01:35:39


Josh 2017-07-22 18:12:51

27 today. Feel old. My knees hurt :/

MC kahlid 2017-07-22 17:52:06

22 years 9 months 9 days

Charlie 2017-07-20 20:03:28

I'm 19 years old.

Yaasin 2017-07-20 03:42:44

Now 26, why not married yet?

Hussein l,m born in 2003 3 3 8:00 am. 2017-07-20 03:11:26

l ,m born in 2003 march 3 8:00am.

amit 2017-07-19 22:20:37

Your age is total 13,995 days.... five more days to 14,000.... wow

Sayem Choudhary 2017-07-18 03:31:43

I am 36!!! Hurray!!!

Abby 2017-07-17 20:32:40

I am 11 years old 6 months 26 days

Seddik 2017-07-15 13:29:33

Life's just gone ..
Try to best version of yourself..

Sam 2017-07-14 07:17:50

Very cool thanks

Kanishka Williamson 2017-07-13 08:44:50

Your age is
13 years 4 months 12 days
11 hours and 28 minutes

You were born in
9:45am on Monday 1st March 2004

Next birthday in
7 months 15 days 12 hours and 31 minutes

Your age is total 4,881 days.

Ram yadav 2017-07-12 07:51:42

How old I'm if I born in 2000 AD 14th September

john mcardle 2017-07-11 15:31:15

I am 63 years old.

oddball 2017-07-10 19:54:31

Your age is total 16,433 days

Leigh 2017-07-06 23:11:12

I am 18

abdul aziz 2017-07-06 01:16:57


Anon 2017-07-03 06:25:05

This comment section is grim on so many levels...

han 2017-07-02 23:32:46

12 years old

bee 2017-07-02 23:30:28

ohh me i am 12 neel 13 thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooo so what am i doing to day i do no not now what i am doing.But i am12 years old

Miso 2017-07-02 14:24:16

Your age is total 8,310 days !

Levi Davis 2017-07-02 12:52:45

I'm know officially Your age is
10 years 7 months 2 days
7 hours and 46 minutes

You were born in
1:05pm on Thursday 30th November 2006

Next birthday in
4 months 27 days 16 hours and 13 minutes

Your age is total 3,866 days.

Congolese unicornia 2017-07-01 18:20:02

Omg I'm 24 years old

Osiel 2017-06-30 20:04:47

Un 3,000 days

Nelson 2017-06-30 15:05:46

Whoa am old