American Population by Age Groups in 2013

The population estimates are very important tools of statistics since they help in demonstrating the dynamics of population change according to the age of all American citizens.

This kind of information is usually published every year and can be interesting for some people who wonder about demographic trends and tendencies.

Below, there is a summary of the last year's report on American Population by age group (2013):

 0 - 10 years   about 44.4  million people   

11-20 years    about 42.2  million people

21-30 years    about 44.25 million people

31-40 years    about 40.5  million people

41-50 years    about 42.7  million people

51-60 years    about 43.1  million people

61-70 years    about 31.5  million people

71-80 years    about 17.0  million people

81-90 years    about  8.8  million people

91-100 years  about  1.7  million people

100+   years  about 0.067 million people

According to the same report, the total population of the United States in 2013 was 316,128,839


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