COVID-19 Deaths And Age Groups In the USA

It is known that the USA is among the countries in the world affected by COVID-19 the most. Unfortunately, the deadly virus killed many people regardless of their race, incomes or social status. This is a short summary on COVID-19 death and age groups based on the information and available research, as of the mid July 2020.

In the US, just like in the whole world, young children and teenagers are affected by COVID-19 virus the least. According to the statistical information, 8 infants below 1 year old, 5 children aged between 1 and 4 years old, and 13 children aged between 5 and 14 lost their lives as a result of the current pandemic. At that, most of them had some difficult health conditions which were triggered and caused their death.

For teenagers and young adults in the US, the statistical information about their COVID-19 related mortality is the following. 124 young American people aged between 15 and 24 lost their battle against the virus. The number of the Americans aged between 25 and 34 who died as a result of COVID-19 is close to 700.

It is estimated that about 1,780 people aged between 35 and 44, and about 4,975 people aged between 45 and 54 (which is about 5 per cent of all those who lost their lives) died in the first half of 2020 of the conditions caused by COVID-19. The number of American people aged between 55 and 64 is slightly over 12,300, which is about 12 per cent of the whole number.

Finally, more than 80 per cent of the total number of deaths is contributed by the American people aged 65 and over. There are 21,462 people aged between 65 and 74, and 27,529 people aged between 75 and 84 who died of COVID-19. The number of the dead aged 85 and over is estimated to be 34,435 people.

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