Covid Deaths by Age in the US, Updated

The horrible pandemic that the world has been living for the last 12 months turned out to be something really unexpected, horrible, and something that we weren't prepared for. The humanity is now facing many related challenges which include finding and properly testing an effective cure, dealing with millions of sick people around the world, providing everyone with a proper protection, and informing everyone about the current situation related to the pandemic.

Many people keep asking about the number of covid-19 deaths by age because this information changes quite a lot as the time goes by. Unfortunately, it is obvious that more and more of young people suffer from this disease, and the number of deaths among young people has been increasing lately. The following statistics is offered by the National Center for Health Care Statistics and is valid for the early December 2020.

It was found out that covid-19 or related consequences caused deaths of 29 babies (under 1), 14 young children (aged between 1 and 4), 44 children (aged between 5 and 14), 439 teenagers and young people (aged between 15 and 24), 1,852 young people (aged between 25 and 34), 4,771 people (aged between 35 and 44), 12,701 adult people (aged between 45 and 54), 30,875 adult people (aged between 55 and 64), 53,579 elderly people (aged between 65 and 74), 67,305 elderly people (aged between 75 and 84), and 77,959 elderly people (aged above 85).

This data about covid deaths by age points to the fact that now the US and the whole world is now living the third wave of the disease, with the first one taking place in April-May 2020 and the second taking place in July 2020. Fortunately, nowadays more and more researches are being carry out and revealing a lot of new information has come to light. We all hope that the world will manage and beat this awful virus.

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