How Long Can A Turtle Live

We known turtles as one of the longest living kind of reptiles.

Turtles and tortoises are kept as pets in many houses, and certainly live in plenty in their natural habitat, in warm tropical climate.

It can be quite easy to find an answer to the question, how long can a turtle live.

Specialists say that small turtles and tortoises kept in people's homes can live up to 35-49 years.

Larger species of turtles, both sea turtles and desert turtles, can live about 80-100 years.

Some species of giant sea turtles can live way over 100 years.

It is reported that some of the turtles lived 150, and even up to 200 years.

Certainly, to answer the question how long can a turtle live, it is also important to take into account numerous factors like how the animal is kept, etc.


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