How Old Jack Nicholson Is

Jack Nicholson is, undoubtedly, one of the most talented and the most successful actors in the whole history of modern cinema art.

His unique talent allowed him managing perfectly with numerous roles of a good guy or a bad guy.

At the same time, him portraying characters with some elements of psychopathy and grotesque is something hard to surpass by any other Hollywood actors.

During his lasting career he played in more than 70 movies, and has 12 Academy awards nominations, which makes this some kind of a record. 

By winning 3 Academy awards, he found his place among second-most Oscar winners of all times.

Jack Nicholson's real name is John Joseph "Jack" Nicholson, and he was born on 22 April, 1937.

Thus, for the moment of writing this small article, he is 77 years, 6 months and 12 days old.

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