The Average Human Life Expectancy

Not many, but some of us may wonder how long their life is going to be.

Human life expectancy is a known value which can give any of us an idea how long people usually live. The most important factor which should be taken into account in this case is the country people live in.

The average human life expectancy is evaluated taking into account numerous factors like local medical care and related services, local lifestyle, diet and traditions, local crime rate, and some others.

This way, the average human life expectancy varies from the highest value of 82.6 years in Japan, to the lowest value of 39.6 years in Swaziland. It means that the people living in Japan have chances to live a longer life, and those who live in Swaziland have quite high chances to die in younger ages.

At that, the average human life expectancy in the United States of America is estimated to be 78.2 years.

There are spacial tables available online which can help you find out the average life expectancy for your particular country. 

Use our age calculator to receive more accurate results as to the average human life span.


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