The Average Lifespan of Humans

The average lifespan of humans is a calculated number which indicates how long on average people on the earth live. Certainly, our actual lifespan depends on a large variety of factors, starting with our daily habits and ending up with our genetic predisposition. According to the latest estimation of the World Health Organization, the average lifespan of the global population in 2016 was close to 72 years.

Historically, people's life expectancy has been increasing with the time, due to such factors as the development of medicine, improvements in our diet, vaccination, increased public attention to the importance of active lifestyle and proper health care, etc. Thus, starting from the 19th century, the life expectancy of American people increased quite a lot, from 46 in the 1890s to 78 in the late 1990s. Even from the 1970s, when the life expectancy in the country was 71, it grew up quite substantially to the current 79.3.

Currently, the countries with the highest average human lifespan are Japan (83.7 years), Switzerland (83.4), Singapore (83.1), Australia (82.8), Spain (82.8), Iceland and Italy (82.7 each). At that, the highest average life expectancy for men is the highest in Switzerland (81.3), Iceland (81.2), and Australia (80.9), but for women, the best countries to live long are Japan (86.8), Singapore (86.1), South Korea (85.5) and Spain (85.5). The lowest average lifespan of humans, which is slightly above 50 years, is in the countries like Angola, Chad, Sierra Lione, Central African Republic, etc.

As it becomes apparent, living in developed European countries and the countries of the Far East, as well as in Australia, results in higher chances to live a longer life. In addition, recently the researchers by Albert Einstein College have estimated the maximum lifespan for humans, finding the proof that it can be hardly possible to exceed the age of 125 for the human race any soon. They named it the absolute limit for human lifespan.

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