The Best Age To Get Married

Those who are thinking about getting married sometimes start wondering what the best age to get married is? The opinions differ, and some people are convinced that the older people get married, the more chances they have to create a strong and lasting relationship.

Of course, it depends on many other factors as well, including cultural, social, economic, educational, and other ones. The best age to get married can also be different for men and women. Finally, when talking about this concept, it is usually about the first marriage but not the second, third, or further ones.

There are a few serious social research that has been made recently to study this problem and find the most appropriate answers. One such research has been carried out by a group of scientists at Harvard University, and they concluded that the best age for marriage should be considered between 22 and 25.

According to the findings of another independent study, the best age to get married is defined as the mid-20s. This study has also discovered that younger people who get married have a higher possibility of divorce.

One more social research conducted by a group of scientists in Chicago shows that the average age of marriage is currently 26 for women and 28 for men.

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