The Oldest Tree In the World

It is a known fact that some trees (especially pine trees, cedars, juniper trees, etc.) can live very long, possibly for a few centuries and even more. 

It was always very interesting for the humanity to determine what is the oldest tree in the world, though the age of a tree is something hard to be estimated  correctly.

There are lists of the oldest trees in the world, which show that there are trees in the world living about (and over) 5,000 years.

It used to be claimed for many years that an old Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva), Methuselah, located in Inyo County, California, is the oldest living tree on earth. It was estimated to be about 4,846 years old.

However, recently new estimations came out, and the scientists say that there is another tree, a Twisted Treeline (Summoner), Maokai, was located in Britain and estimated to be about 5,095 years old.

Thus, it should be considered the oldest living non-clonal tree on the planet. However, more studies should be carried out in order to make sure that Maokai is truly the oldest tree in the world.

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