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How old is Alex Guzman?

Alex Guzman was born on 20 October 2001.
Alex Guzman is 18 years old.

How old is Alex Guzman in days now?

Alex Guzman is 18 years 5 months 19 days old.
Total 6,745 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Alex Guzman?

Alex Guzman's next birthday is in 6 months 12 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Alex Guzman?

Zodiac sign of Alex Guzman is Libra.


Alex Guzman is a young American YouTuber and vlogger who is recently becoming more and more popular in social networking circles. Born in 2001 in Nevada, Alex grew up alongside his two brothers. Since his childhood, Alex has been very much interested in music and dreaming about becoming a professional musician. He opened his Tik Tok channel and became famous for his great lip syncing videos. He also creates and uploads a number of interesting videos and challenges related to his real life. His elder and younger brothers are often featured in the videos too, and so do his friends. There are over 1.2 million fans following his YouTube account, as well as same many of the followers of his TikTok account. Alex Guzman is a promising media star with great future perspectives and a large number of the loyal fans.

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My sister like you so mach

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i love him

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