How old is B2cutecupcakes?

B2cutecupcakes was born on 12 September 2005.
B2cutecupcakes is 18 years old.

How old is B2cutecupcakes in days now?

B2cutecupcakes is 18 years 8 months 15 days old.
Total 6,832 days old now.

When is the next birthday of B2cutecupcakes?

B2cutecupcakes's next birthday is in 3 months 16 days.

What is the zodiac sign of B2cutecupcakes?

Zodiac sign of B2cutecupcakes is Virgo.

B2cutecupcakes is a young YouTuber and tester of toy reviewer. Born Brianna in 2005 in Arizona, she was raised by her parents and often features her mom in her videos. Just like all kids she loves toys and has plenty of those. In one of her channels, BriannasWorld, the young girl shares her life experiences and interesting ideas. The most popular channel of Brianna, B2cutecupcakes, is among the most popular YouTube channel where it is possible to see various toy reviews and, as of the mid 2023, there are almost 1.7 million people following it. Brianna is known for her special episodes dedicated to some days of the week.

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