How old is Badkidlondyn?

Badkidlondyn was born on 12 February 2019.
Badkidlondyn is 5 years old.

How old is Badkidlondyn in days now?

Badkidlondyn is 5 years 4 months 8 days old.
Total 1,955 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Badkidlondyn?

Badkidlondyn's next birthday is in 7 months 23 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Badkidlondyn?

Zodiac sign of Badkidlondyn is Aquarius.

Badkidlondyn is known as a baby-Intagrammer as well as one of the members of The Bad Kids social media group. She is a celebrity child and was born Londyn Johnson in 2019 to a comedian Funny Mike and a YouTube star Jaliyah Monet famous for her hilarious videos of various challenges. Londyn has a younger brother, and their parents have been running their joint YouTube channel titled The MJ Family. Of course, it is her mom who has been running Londyn's account. It is interesting that the first photo which appeared there was the picture of Londyn's ultrasound image, before she was actually born. As of the late 2022, the number of followers of Badkidlondyn's Instagram account is approaching one hundred thousand people. She is currently the youngest member of the group The Bad Kids.

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