How old is Blarg?

Blarg was born on 29 October 1996.
Blarg is 27 years old.

How old is Blarg in days now?

Blarg is 27 years 3 months 30 days old.
Total 9,983 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Blarg?

Blarg's next birthday is in 8 months 1 day.

What is the zodiac sign of Blarg?

Zodiac sign of Blarg is Scorpio.

A charismatic YouTube star, Blarg is a gamer and a really outstanding star who has been running his channel for over 8 years. Born Matthew Elias in 1996 in Canada, he spent his early years in Windsor and made his first steps in computer games right there. He launched his YouTube channel initially as a vlogger, but very soon he figured out that the videos related to gaming attract the most of attention of the viewers. So he concentrated completely on sharing videos of his personal tricks and tips, as well as even some challenges and hoaxes. In October 2023, the channel enjoys the popularity of over 1 million people of all around the world. It is also possible to find Blarg on Twitter and some other popular social media platforms.

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