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How old is Bretman Rock?

Bretman Rock was born on 31 July 1998.
Bretman Rock is 22 years old.

How old is Bretman Rock in days now?

Bretman Rock is 22 years 1 month 20 days old.
Total 8,087 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Bretman Rock?

Bretman Rock's next birthday is in 10 months 11 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Bretman Rock?

Zodiac sign of Bretman Rock is Leo.

Bretman Rock is a popular Instagram star who is famous for his make-up tutorials. Bretman was born in 1998 in the Philippines, to the parents of the Philippine and Portuguese origins. When he was a child, his family moved to Hawaii where he grew up. Since his childhood, Bretman has been a very unusual boy, and his interest in beauty and particularly make-up makes him truly unique. He started his YouTube and Vine channels where he began uploading the videos of make-up tutorials or his beauty expert comments, even though he was just a teenager. His videos on eyebrow contouring, using eye shadows of various colors, etc., presented with a great style and humor, became exceptionally popular. Currently (as for the late 2019), there are over 13 million followers on Rock's YouTube channel. Bretman Rock often collaborates with other YouTubers and TikTokers, also runs his Instagram account which is very popular as well. His sister Princess Mae often appears in his videos as well.

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