How old is Bridey Drake?

Bridey Drake was born on 21 December 2000.
Bridey Drake is 23 years old.

How old is Bridey Drake in days now?

Bridey Drake is 23 years 6 months 25 days old.
Total 8,608 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Bridey Drake?

Bridey Drake's next birthday is in 5 months 5 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Bridey Drake?

Zodiac sign of Bridey Drake is Sagittarius.

Bridey Drake is a lovely Australian TikTok star who has been running her healthy lifestyle blog since 2019. Born in 2000 in Australia, she grew up in a loving family. As a teenager she joined some modeling projects and took part in making some commercials and advertising campaigns. In 2019 she opened her first social media networking account on TikTok followed by launching her Instagram account. Initially, she was focusing her content on fashion, modelling, healthy lifestyle, and cinema, but later on her videos started being dominated by rather some entertaining and comedy related topics including lip syncing, some jokes, etc. She loves traveling and often shares the videos of her trips. She's got a good friend Jiny who oftentimes appears in her videos as well. Bridey Drake is a growing TikToker and as of the late 2023 there are over 2.2 million fans following her TikTok channel.

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