How old is Chrisean Malone?

Chrisean Malone was born on 14 March 2000.
Chrisean Malone is 24 years old.

How old is Chrisean Malone in days now?

Chrisean Malone is 24 years 1 month old.
Total 8,797 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Chrisean Malone?

Chrisean Malone's next birthday is in 11 months.

What is the zodiac sign of Chrisean Malone?

Zodiac sign of Chrisean Malone is Pisces.

A lovely and charming model, Chrisean Malone has recently become popular on Instagram where she has been posting her personal photos for a few years. She came to this world and spent her childhood in Maryland, alongside her parents and her 11 siblings. When she was a child she loved music and dancing, so she took a few dancing classes together with her friends. As a teenager she started making her own music and was noticed by some talent scouts who invited her to join some projects like making music videos and supporting some musicians as a dancer. She also appeared on the pages of some magazines as a fashion model. Chrisean Malone has been popular as a YouTube star for some years, and he has recently launched her Twitter account as well. She has been on Instagram since 2015 and her account has started gaining a great number of followers on most of her channels. She has been dating Blueface, a hip hop singer, since the summer of 2022. In the late 2023 they became parents to a lovely baby boy.

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