How old is Claire Crosby?

Claire Crosby was born on 5 October 2012.
Claire Crosby is 11 years old.

How old is Claire Crosby in days now?

Claire Crosby is 11 years 8 months 13 days old.
Total 4,274 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Claire Crosby?

Claire Crosby's next birthday is in 3 months 17 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Claire Crosby?

Zodiac sign of Claire Crosby is Libra.

Claire Crosby is a bright and lovely social media sensation who rose to fame due to her amazing songs and covers. Born in 2012 in the US, she is growing up alongside her family and friends. She;s got a brother named Carson and two sisters. Claire began singing when she was just 2 years old, and when she was 3, her parents shared a video of her singing a Disney song together with her father. The video became viral and brought little Claire some good fame. It is possible to find a great deal of her songs and covers on her the family channel named The Crosbys, and the most popular videos include the covers of soundtracks of some animated films like Frozen, as well as some cartoons produced by Disney. Despite her really young age, Claire Crosby has already taken part in many serious projects and collaborated with such stars as Christina Aguilera and others.

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