How old is Clarence White (II)?

Clarence White (II) was born on 8 December 1993.
Clarence White (II) is 30 years old.

How old is Clarence White (II) in days now?

Clarence White (II) is 30 years 6 months 9 days old.
Total 11,149 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Clarence White (II)?

Clarence White (II)'s next birthday is in 5 months 21 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Clarence White (II)?

Zodiac sign of Clarence White (II) is Sagittarius.

Clarence White is a popular Instagram star, the owner and designer of a sports clothing line, Designed By White. Born in 1993 in New York City, Clarence grew up in the Bronx and was brought up by his mother who often appears on his pictures nowadays, alongside his two siblings. He has been in love with fashion since his early ages, and after finishing high school he started promoting his ideas in his YouTube channel, ClarenceNYC. He runs his channel like a place where it is possible to watch TV or TV series, and learn plenty of information about fashion and clothing. As of the late 2023, there are over 2.2 million followers of his channel, and the number has been recently increasing really fast. Clarence White is the father of a son Legend Lorenzo with his fellow YouTuber Queen Naija, and the couple has been dating for a few years.

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