How old is Cole LaBrant?

Cole LaBrant was born on 21 August 1996.
Cole LaBrant is 27 years old.

How old is Cole LaBrant in days now?

Cole LaBrant is 27 years 10 months 24 days old.
Total 10,190 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Cole LaBrant?

Cole LaBrant's next birthday is in 1 month 6 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Cole LaBrant?

Zodiac sign of Cole LaBrant is Leo.

Cole LaBrant is a handsome Internet celebrity who became popular for his the videos he used to post on Vine and continues posting on his YouTube channel. Cole was born in 1996 in Alabama and he has 5 siblings. He is close with his brother Clay who sometimes appears in the videos of Cole. After opening his first account on Vine, Cole used to post plenty of his family and social life-related videos, and soon he joined Dem White Boyz, a group of online video creators, which included two more young social media enthusiasts. As a result of this collaboration, the number of Cole's Vine channel subscribers raised up to 6 million people, and he managed to attract the same number of followers to his account. As of the mid 2023, he has a popular YouTube channel, LaBrantFarm, which he is sharing with his wife, a blogger and fashion lover, Savannah LaBrant, as well as their kids. It is possible to follow their life and currently, the number of subscribers of the channel is close to 13 million people.

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