How old is Darla Claire?

Darla Claire was born on 25 January 2005.
Darla Claire is 19 years old.

How old is Darla Claire in days now?

Darla Claire is 19 years 4 months 24 days old.
Total 7,084 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Darla Claire?

Darla Claire's next birthday is in 7 months 7 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Darla Claire?

Zodiac sign of Darla Claire is Aquarius.

A lovely TikTok star, Darla Claire has recently risen to fame as an awesome looking girl and a talented comedy content creator whose videos like lip syncing and skits are loved by thousands of viewers. She was born in 2005 in California, she grew up there alongside her friends and family. Her childhood was pretty typical, with her main hobbies being music, dancing, and spending time outdoors. In the early 2020s she decided to open her first social media accounts on such platforms as Instagram and TikTok. Her great looks and interesting ideas for the videos helped Darla attract some public attention, and her videos on TikTok starte gaining views and becoming viral. Her personal record so far has been attracting 6.5 million views withing a week, and as of the early 2024, the number of the followers on her channel is approaching a half of a million people. Darla Claire continues to improve her video making skills and definitely will be among the most growing TikTok stars in the nearest future.

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