How old is Evee Bennett?

Evee Bennett was born on 20 May 2010.
Evee Bennett is 14 years old.

How old is Evee Bennett in days now?

Evee Bennett is 14 years 1 month old.
Total 5,145 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Evee Bennett?

Evee Bennett's next birthday is in 11 months.

What is the zodiac sign of Evee Bennett?

Zodiac sign of Evee Bennett is Taurus.

Evee Bennett is a lovely YouTube star known as a part of a family channel TheOhanaAdventure. Born Eveline Bennett in 2010 in Hawaii, she spent her childhood alongside her parents Rachel and Jase, her sisters Klailea Bennett, Rykel Bennett, and Cora Bennett, as well as her brothers Shae Bennett and Wyatt Bennet. The family launched the channel in 2015 and since then it has been a great place to watch plenty of amazing and positive videos about the daily routines, adventures, challenges, jokes, and other fun that the family is having in their life. Eveline has been appearing in the videos since the very first days of the channel, and she is one of the cutest and the most appealing members of  the family. As of the mid 2024, there are over 4.6 million subscribers to that channel, and every day there are more and more of the cool videos being added there. Evee Bennett can always be seen there.

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