How old is Everly Joy Lambert?

Everly Joy Lambert was born on 5 January 2018.
Everly Joy Lambert is 6 years old.

How old is Everly Joy Lambert in days now?

Everly Joy Lambert is 6 years 6 months 18 days old.
Total 2,391 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Everly Joy Lambert?

Everly Joy Lambert's next birthday is in 5 months 13 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Everly Joy Lambert?

Zodiac sign of Everly Joy Lambert is Capricorn.

Everly Joy Lambert is a lovely girl and a very promising social media star who is known as the daughter of a teenage mum and a YouTuber Maddie Lambert. Everly came to this world in 2018, and for that moment her mum was only 14 years old. Before giving birth in that young age, Maddie was an ordinary vloger and YouTuber, but after becoming a mum and living through quite difficult labor process, she started gaining plenty of subscribers with the number of those as of the early 2023 approaching 1.7 million people. Of course Everly appears regularly on her mom's channel and it is possible to follow and get updates about her life there. It is also possible to find photos and some videos about their life on Instagram where the number of the subscribers is currently approaching 700 thousand people. Everly Joy Lambert is becoming more and more popular recently and is among the most promising children on social media networking platforms.

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