How old is Grizzy?

Grizzy was born on 28 March 2001.
Grizzy is 23 years old.

How old is Grizzy in days now?

Grizzy is 23 years 1 month 29 days old.
Total 8,461 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Grizzy?

Grizzy's next birthday is in 10 months 1 day.

What is the zodiac sign of Grizzy?

Zodiac sign of Grizzy is Aries.

Grizzy is a charismatic and cool YouTube star known as a gamer and a fan of a wide variety of games, from Roblox games to The Call of Duty. He was born in 2001 in the US and spent most of his childhood in Florida where he grew up alongside his family which includes his parents and his younger sister. Computer games have been their only passion since his early years, and Grizzy has been playing on a very serious level since her was a child. He has been running his YouTube channel since the mid 2010s, and he earned his fame for his focus on various funny moments of the game. Grizzy has one more channel titled GrizzyTV where he has been sharing plenty of videos or memes that he created himself. Since the late 2010s he has been gaining popularity and subscribers quite steadily, and as of the early 2024 his channel is followed by over 1.9 million people. Grizzy is also known on Twitch where he made a few streams but actually he uses this social media platforms quite rarely.

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