How old is India Royale?

India Royale was born on 9 March 1995.
India Royale is 29 years old.

How old is India Royale in days now?

India Royale is 29 years 2 months 10 days old.
Total 10,664 days old now.

When is the next birthday of India Royale?

India Royale's next birthday is in 9 months 19 days.

What is the zodiac sign of India Royale?

Zodiac sign of India Royale is Pisces.

A lovely and cute Instagram star, India Royale is famous for her great selfies and a large number of photos that she has been sharing on her Instagram account for a few years. She came to this world in 1995 and grew up in the city of Chicago as a part of a large family of the parents and their 4 children. India has a brother and two sisters who used to appear in her photos before, when she started her online activities in the early 2010s. Later in the decade India became a mom to a wonderful daughter named Skylar, and her second daughter was born in 2019, with her father being a famous hip hop star Lil Durk. In the early 2020s India and Durk got engaged but later on the couple split up. As of the early 2024, India Royale keeps on promoting her social media networking accounts, especially her Instagram account. She currently has about 5 million fans there. She is a smart and very creative social media star, with some of her memes becoming really popular and well known.

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