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How old is ItsFunneh?

ItsFunneh was born on 31 October 1995.
ItsFunneh is 24 years old.

How old is ItsFunneh in days now?

ItsFunneh is 24 years 5 months 2 days old.
Total 8,920 days old now.

When is the next birthday of ItsFunneh?

ItsFunneh's next birthday is in 6 months 29 days.

What is the zodiac sign of ItsFunneh?

Zodiac sign of ItsFunneh is Scorpio.


ItsFunneh is a very popular YouTube channel and a young lady behind it, who is known as a great content creator. Born Katherine La in 1995 in Canada, she grew up alongside her 4 siblings and all of them love computer games and various online activities. Three sisters of Funneh are famous computer gamers, and the only brother Allen is a famous YouTube gamer DraconiteDragon. ItsFunneh is a huge fan of Minecraft and Roblox, with extensive experience of playing there games. She opened her YouTube channel in 2011 but started posting videos in mid-2013. Currently, the number of followers of ItsFunneh channel is close to 4.6 million people. In her real-life Kate loves her dog and is a member of the rap group named The Krew.

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Kimuri 2020-03-27 07:04:08

1:Her rl name is Katherine La. Her nicknames are Kat and Funneh.
2:Her name is not Kath.
3:The Krew is not anything related to Rap.....
weird ppl
P.S: I wanna know who Rainbow's BTS Bias is

craycray_20 2020-03-19 05:28:04

i'm her friend in roblox omg,omg,omg,omg im so happy

Lulu 2020-03-14 02:55:45

I love itsfunneh soo much I really wish I could meet her but I live in Scotland and u live in Canada but I will keep watching ur videos

Eclipse 2020-03-09 02:32:27

I love her I want to see her

Lily 2020-02-28 00:28:56

I love her I'm a big fan of her

Harper 2020-02-18 04:26:14

How did you get emeralds in mincraft

❤cutie queen❤ 2020-02-16 05:42:10

she da bestttttttt!

Guest 2020-02-14 12:37:16

i love itfunneh she is the best

diana 2020-02-14 02:44:22

i love her so so much her video is so funny she is my most favorite channel along side to her 4 sibling everyday i always wait for her video she post so many funny video's i am one of her most loyal viewer when i first saw her video i was so shock how she is so good at playing minecraft and roblox i don't get it when funneh say that she is a pleb look at her and her sibling's they're so good funneh always make me laugh my day always shine after seeing her video's i love you itsfunneh goldenglare paintingrainbows lunareclipse itsdraconitedragon i love you all i hope you always success on making you video and i hope i can see you in real life >w< lways playing on your heart

Guest 2020-01-24 07:35:43

i love your viz im 7 8?

Ivannah and amiljah 2019-12-04 06:15:16

You make us happy we are 8 years old we are at school omg!

hi 2019-11-30 22:20:13

funneh's name isn't's kat

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