How old is Jay Sage?

Jay Sage was born on 25 July 2000.
Jay Sage is 23 years old.

How old is Jay Sage in days now?

Jay Sage is 23 years 11 months 21 days old.
Total 8,757 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Jay Sage?

Jay Sage's next birthday is in 9 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Jay Sage?

Zodiac sign of Jay Sage is Leo.

Jay Sage is a TikTok star and an Internet celebrity known for her cool, funny and unique content that has been appearing on her channel for a few years. She was born in 2000 and grew up alongside her brother and parents. She had quite a typical childhood and as a young teenager she loved animals and even volunteered in an animal shelter. Jay opened he first social media account, which is a TikTok channel, in the mid 2020 and started posting plenty of stuff like lip syncing, pranks, various funny comments about her life, etc. Jay Sage is a lovely young lady who has managed to attract about 5 million followers to her TikTok account (as for the mid 2022). She is also popular on Instagram and has about 600 thousand followers.

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