How old is Jeana Smith?

Jeana Smith was born on 15 March 1983.
Jeana Smith is 41 years old.

How old is Jeana Smith in days now?

Jeana Smith is 41 years 3 months 1 day old.
Total 15,069 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Jeana Smith?

Jeana Smith's next birthday is in 8 months 28 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Jeana Smith?

Zodiac sign of Jeana Smith is Pisces.

Jeana Smith is a lovely YouTuber and social media star. She was born in 1983 in Pennsylvania and spent her childhood there, alongside her parents and brother Jason. Jen started getting interested in social media in quite early years and she opened her first YouTube channel back in the mid 2000s. For some years she was using it as a vlog, and a few years later the channel titled PvP became her joint platform which she used to run together with her boyfriend Jesse Wellens. They were running that channel for over 10 years and gained extreme popularity, as well as a number of serious awards (including Streamy Award and Shorty Award For Best YouTube Ensemble) and award nominations. After splitting up with Wellens, Jeana Smith continued working solo on promoting her YouTube channel. As of the early 2024, there are over 8 million followers of PvP.

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