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How old is Jelly?

Jelly was born on 14 October 1996.
Jelly is 23 years old.

How old is Jelly in days now?

Jelly is 23 years 5 months 26 days old.
Total 8,578 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Jelly?

Jelly's next birthday is in 6 months 5 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Jelly?

Zodiac sign of Jelly is Libra.


Jelly is a notable YouTube star and a gamer from the Netherlands. Born as Jelle Van Vucht in the city of Roermond in Holland, he grew up there alongside his younger brother. He started his online activities when he was 18 years old by opening his first YouTube channel JellyYT and posting a variety of gaming-related videos since for the moment he has been interested in computer gaming. However, later on, he switched to posting various challenges, skits, comedy related videos and a kind of vlog. One of his most famous videos "Would You Rather" has got millions of views. Jelly has a girlfriend Sanna who very often appears in his videos. He willingly collaborates with his friends YouTubers like Kodi Brown, Slogoman, and others. YouTube fans find his videos really fascinating and currently, there are over 14 million followers of his primary YouTube account. However, Jelly has a few more ones which are also quite popular. Apart from his online activities, Jelly is involved in various projects related to helping to promote online activities of other YouTubers, as well as promoting his clothing line, etc.

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