How old is Jordan Beau?

Jordan Beau was born on 24 November 1998.
Jordan Beau is 25 years old.

How old is Jordan Beau in days now?

Jordan Beau is 25 years 6 months old.
Total 9,313 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Jordan Beau?

Jordan Beau's next birthday is in 6 months.

What is the zodiac sign of Jordan Beau?

Zodiac sign of Jordan Beau is Sagittarius.

Jordan Beau is a young American YouTuber known for his funny and interesting videos that he has been posting on his channel for many years. He was born in 1998 in California and has the elder brother Jeremy. The boys spent their childhood in the warm streets of California where they learned to love sports and active lifestyle. Jordan has been a huge fan of sports, as well as promoting his social networking sites. Since 2016 he has been working on making his eponymous channel popular, as well as boosting the activities on the joint YouTube channel with his brother, titled BeauBros. They post videos related to an active lifestyle, scooter riding, as well as sketches and some pranks. The same kind of stuff it is possible to find in Jordan's personal channel.  As of the late 2023, it is followed by over 1.1 million followers, and his personal Instagram account has about 900 thousands of subscribers. For some time Jordan Beau dated Jordyn Jones who is a promising young dancer, but the couple split up.

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