How old is Jordan Huxhold?

Jordan Huxhold was born on 2 August 2000.
Jordan Huxhold is 23 years old.

How old is Jordan Huxhold in days now?

Jordan Huxhold is 23 years 11 months 21 days old.
Total 8,756 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Jordan Huxhold?

Jordan Huxhold's next birthday is in 10 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Jordan Huxhold?

Zodiac sign of Jordan Huxhold is Leo.

Jordan Huxhold is a TikToker and social media star known for his cool in interesting POV based content. He was born in 2000 in Florida and spent his early years there, alongside his friends and family. In his childhood, he was close to his siblings, his brother Kaden and his sister. They had a childhood filled up with fun and plenty of various activities. In the early 2010s his family moved to California and began living in LA. Being close to the best cinema and modeling agencies brought Jordan to the idea of trying himself in modeling or acting but so far he hasn't managed to achieve some serious success on those fields. Instead he became popular on TikTok and mastered his skills on creating great videos based on entertaining and comedy. In particular, some of his lip--syncing videos became really popular and attracted millions of views. Jordan Huxhold is a really unique young TikToker who will definitely become more popular in the nearest future.

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