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How old is Kelsey Calemine?

Kelsey Calemine was born on 14 January 1999.
Kelsey Calemine is 21 years old.

How old is Kelsey Calemine in days now?

Kelsey Calemine is 21 years 10 months 11 days old.
Total 7,986 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Kelsey Calemine?

Kelsey Calemine's next birthday is in 1 month 20 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Kelsey Calemine?

Zodiac sign of Kelsey Calemine is Capricorn.

Kelsey Calemine is an Instagram star and a model famous at several platforms. She was born in 1999 in California and grew up in LA, loving sports and various outdoor activities. Kelsey started getting keen on social media in the mid-2010s, and she opened her first Twitter account which currently has over 50 thousand followers. Then she continued on Vine where Calemine has been posting various cool and funny videos. Finally, she has managed to reach success on Instagram, which she uses as a photoblog. Kelsey Calemine is followed by over 2.4 million people and loved by her fans.

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