How old is Lauren Godwin?

Lauren Godwin was born on 21 February 2000.
Lauren Godwin is 24 years old.

How old is Lauren Godwin in days now?

Lauren Godwin is 24 years 3 months 26 days old.
Total 8,882 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Lauren Godwin?

Lauren Godwin's next birthday is in 8 months 5 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Lauren Godwin?

Zodiac sign of Lauren Godwin is Pisces.

Lauren Godwin is a popular social media personality and a talented TikTok star. She was born in 2000 in Texas and since her childhood, she loved music, active lifestyle, and social networks. Lauren opened her first Twitter account when she was 12, and shortly after she opened her account which has been growing more and more popular with time. As of the early 2024, this TikTok account enjoys over 22 million fans, and Lauren's YouTube account has about 400,000 followers. Lauren Godwin is a lovely young lady who makes really interesting and remarkable videos by using various funny ideas, different outfits, colored wigs, and so on. Watching her stuff is really fun! She used to date Sebastian Bails, a charismatic TikTok star, but the couple split up after three years of the relationship.

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