How old is LaurenzSide?

LaurenzSide was born on 7 July 1989.
LaurenzSide is 34 years old.

How old is LaurenzSide in days now?

LaurenzSide is 34 years 11 months 12 days old.
Total 12,766 days old now.

When is the next birthday of LaurenzSide?

LaurenzSide's next birthday is in 18 days.

What is the zodiac sign of LaurenzSide?

Zodiac sign of LaurenzSide is Cancer.

LaurenzSide is a popular YouTuber and a talented content creator who is known both as a gamer and a comedy content creator. Born Lauren Weber in 1989 in New York City, she spent her early childhood there, alongside her parents and friends. After losing her father who died of cancer when Lauren was in high school, she tried to go about this life and keep positive. As a teenager she had a great relationship with her half-siblings. She started her presence in social media networking by opening her YouTube channel in the late 2000s, and the first few years of her online career were not so bright. After taking a break for studying in college, Lauren was back to social media activities in the mid 2010s and began uploading plenty of various funny and comedy related stuff which attracted a lot of public attention. As of the mid 2023, the number of the followers of her channel is close to 7 million people. In 2016 LaurenzSide got married to her long-time boyfriend, and in May 2021 they  became parents to a lovely daughter they named Melody. 

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