How old is LittyB?

LittyB was born on 22 July 2006.
LittyB is 17 years old.

How old is LittyB in days now?

LittyB is 17 years 11 months 24 days old.
Total 6,569 days old now.

When is the next birthday of LittyB?

LittyB's next birthday is in 6 days.

What is the zodiac sign of LittyB?

Zodiac sign of LittyB is Cancer.

A cool and lovely YouTube star LittyB is a lovely young lady who is known for her interesting and cool content that she has been sharing with her viewers for many years. She was born in 2006 in Washington DC and grew up in Maryland, alongside her parents and her two sisters. Since her childhood years she has been interested in various fun, outdoor and also online activities, just like most of her peers have. As a young teenager, she was involved in some modeling and advertising related activities, and later on, in the mid 2010s she got involved in active social media networking related routines including making and sharing a large number of videos, promoting her identity, etc. In addition to focusing on purely entertaining and comedy related stuff, LittyB shares the content focused on her vlog and her personal understanding of this world and this life. As of the mid 2023, she has around 1.1 million followers on her account. She can be found on other social media channels including Instagram.

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