How old is Lizzy Sharer?

Lizzy Sharer was born on 17 June 1994.
Lizzy Sharer is 30 years old.

How old is Lizzy Sharer in days now?

Lizzy Sharer is 30 years 28 days old.
Total 10,986 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Lizzy Sharer?

Lizzy Sharer's next birthday is in 11 months 2 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Lizzy Sharer?

Zodiac sign of Lizzy Sharer is Gemini.

Lizzy Sharer is a young American YouTuber who is famous for her varied and interesting videos that she has been sharing on her YouTube channel. Born Liz Chang in 1994 in Washington DC, she grew up in California, alongside her family. Just like most of her peers, Liz was a huge fan of the Internet, computer games, and social networking. She opened her personal YouTube account where she began posting a series of videos dedicated to PC games, fashion, the social life of her and her family, and a lot of other stuff. Later on, Liz separated the channels and now, she has one where she posts videos related to gaming, another one where her fashion and beauty comments appear, and her channels are very popular among her fans. Lizzy Sharer is known for her collaboration with Carter Sharer and Stephen Sharer, her brothers famous for their creative DIY videos.

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