How old is Luhhsetty?

Luhhsetty was born on 30 May 1996.
Luhhsetty is 27 years old.

How old is Luhhsetty in days now?

Luhhsetty is 27 years 11 months 24 days old.
Total 10,221 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Luhhsetty?

Luhhsetty's next birthday is in 6 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Luhhsetty?

Zodiac sign of Luhhsetty is Gemini.

A lovely and charming YouTube star, Luhhsetty is one of the most popular and respected beauty experts in the modern YouTube community. She was born Lizette in 1996 in Florida and spent her childhood there, alongside her siblings and parents. He sisters often take part in her video tutorials and often appear around her. As a child, Lisette was really interested in fashion and body image, so he used to spend a lot of time experimenting with her style and hair. Social media as a platform for her self expression attracted her attention in the early 2010s and she opened her first YouTube channel which she initially used as a vlog telling about her school life. However, closer to the middle of the decade, Lisette started getting focused on fashion related topic including make-up, hair styling, choosing clothes, etc. Many of her video of those times have a few millions of views. Later in the decade Luhhsetty opened her Instagram and TikTok channels which are also popular nowadays and have plenty of really great information. As of the mid 2023, there are 3.1 million followers on her YouTube channel and about a half million on her Instagram channel

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