How old is Mariam Raidi?

Mariam Raidi was born on 15 March 2003.
Mariam Raidi is 21 years old.

How old is Mariam Raidi in days now?

Mariam Raidi is 21 years 4 months 1 day old.
Total 7,794 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Mariam Raidi?

Mariam Raidi's next birthday is in 7 months 28 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Mariam Raidi?

Zodiac sign of Mariam Raidi is Pisces.

Mariam Raidi is a TikToker with some great experience in making videos of skits, challenges, some choreography performances, and other related kinds of things that she has staged and filmed with her friends. She was born in 2003 and grew up in London. Since her childhood she has been exposed to some great music and some finest quality videos content so the ideas that she usually comes up with for her videos are usually accompanied with good soundtracks and some good quality acting. She launched her personal channel 2019 and initially it was solely dedicated to her singing, dancing, and demonstrating her other artistic skills. Later on Mariam got focused on more comedy related videos, and her POV videos are especially popular and viewed. As of March of 2024, there are about 3.3 million people subscribed to her channel. If you want to watch some really good cheerful and entertaining stuff, visit the channel of Mariam Raidi and enjoy the videos of one of the cutest girls on the platform.

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