How old is MiniBloxia?

MiniBloxia was born on 1 December 2004.
MiniBloxia is 19 years old.

How old is MiniBloxia in days now?

MiniBloxia is 19 years 7 months 15 days old.
Total 7,167 days old now.

When is the next birthday of MiniBloxia?

MiniBloxia's next birthday is in 4 months 15 days.

What is the zodiac sign of MiniBloxia?

Zodiac sign of MiniBloxia is Sagittarius.

MiniBloxia is a talented and popular YouTube star who rose to fame as a successful and creative player of Roblox type games. Born in 2004 in New Mexico, he spent his childhood there, alongside his friends and family. As a child, he used to spend plenty of time playing computer games and polishing his skills. Together with his friends, he started taking part in various small competitions, and in the early 2020s he decided to open his YouTube channel title MimBloxia in order to share the tips and his personal ideas about playing Roblox. However, the most popular videos of his are based on his comments about him and his friends playing. As of the late 2022, he has got about a half of million followers on his YouTube channel. MiniBloxia is among the most growing and the most expanding channels of today's gamers' social media circles. 

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