How old is Nicole Tv?

Nicole Tv was born on 26 May 2001.
Nicole Tv is 20 years old.

How old is Nicole Tv in days now?

Nicole Tv is 20 years 4 months 26 days old.
Total 7,454 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Nicole Tv?

Nicole Tv's next birthday is in 7 months 4 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Nicole Tv?

Zodiac sign of Nicole Tv is Gemini.

Nicole Tv is a media star and a famous YouTuber who has got good fame for her fascinating and unique comedy-related content. Born Kayla Nicole Jones in 2001 in Alabama, she grew up there alongside her family. Just like most of her peers, Kayla started her active social media presence at her early teen ages by opening her accounts on a few popular platforms. Her YouTube channel Nicole Tv has been growing more and more popular since 2015 and she is famous for her memes, funny beauty, and make-up tutorials, funny behavior, and plenty of positive emotions. As of the mid 2021, there are over 5.2 million subscribers to the channel. Kayla also has a successful Instagram and Twitter accounts with millions of followers there. She has got her own Nicole Tv application which can be downloaded to every mobile phone and make the channel available to everyone.

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