How old is Noah Atwood?

Noah Atwood was born on 18 October 2004.
Noah Atwood is 19 years old.

How old is Noah Atwood in days now?

Noah Atwood is 19 years 9 months 5 days old.
Total 7,218 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Noah Atwood?

Noah Atwood's next birthday is in 2 months 25 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Noah Atwood?

Zodiac sign of Noah Atwood is Libra.

Noah Atwood is an Internet celebrity and a part of the Atwood family which is popular on YouTube. He was born in 2004 in Ohio and his father is Roman Atwood, famous for his pranks and fascinating comedy videos. Noah very often appears in the videos, sometimes with his mum Shanna Atwood. It is interesting that Noah is in a very good relationship with the present girlfriend of his father, Brittney Smith, who is a real model and a great stepmother for the young boy. Noah Atwood is a very friendly and creative young man who truly enjoys taking part in shooting videos and thinking over the ideas for the new videos.

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