How old is Noor Dabash?

Noor Dabash was born on 21 July 2003.
Noor Dabash is 20 years old.

How old is Noor Dabash in days now?

Noor Dabash is 20 years 9 months 28 days old.
Total 7,608 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Noor Dabash?

Noor Dabash's next birthday is in 2 months 2 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Noor Dabash?

Zodiac sign of Noor Dabash is Cancer.

Noor Dabash is a lovely and creative TikToker and social media sensation who rose to fame for her remarkable and interesting content that she has been posting on her channel for a few last years. She came to this world in 2003 and spent her childhood years in Canada, in a city in Alberta Territory, alongside her elder sisters and parents. In her childhood times Noor was a very active and funny kid, she loved spending time outdoors and socializing. In her early school years she started getting interested in music and dancing, and in her early high school times she used to play a lot of volleyball. She opened her TikTok channel in the late 2010s and began uploading tons and tons of various kinds of videos ranging from jokes and pranks and ending up with lip-syncing and skits. As of the mid 2023, the channel of Noor Dabash is followed by over 8 million people.

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