How old is nottrebeca?

nottrebeca was born on 16 July 2005.
nottrebeca is 19 years old.

How old is nottrebeca in days now?

nottrebeca is 19 years old.
Total 6,940 days old now.

When is the next birthday of nottrebeca?

nottrebeca's next birthday is in .

What is the zodiac sign of nottrebeca?

Zodiac sign of nottrebeca is Cancer.

nottrebecca is a popular TikTok channel which is run by a lovely and really cute young girl named Rebecca. She was born in 2005 in Sergipe, a state in Brazil, and was raised there, alongside her family and friends. As a child she loved dancing and spending time with her dog Lilo. She opened her TikTok channel when she was 15 years old and immediately attracted attention with her great looks and cute smile. In the beginning her content was rather focused on her daily activities, but shortly after she started gravitating to solely entertaining and comedy related video content including lip-syncing, skits, choreography, as well as some trendy topics, etc. Some of her videos became tremendously popular and attracted over 50 million views. As of the mid 2023, the number of the followers of nottrebecca is close to 3.1 million people. In the early 2020s she started taking part in a few commercial projects including her collaboration with a few online projects.

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