How old is Rachel Ballinger?

Rachel Ballinger was born on 5 April 1991.
Rachel Ballinger is 31 years old.

How old is Rachel Ballinger in days now?

Rachel Ballinger is 31 years 7 months 29 days old.
Total 11,566 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Rachel Ballinger?

Rachel Ballinger's next birthday is in 4 months 1 day.

What is the zodiac sign of Rachel Ballinger?

Zodiac sign of Rachel Ballinger is Aries.

Rachel Ballinger is a known YouTuber and social media person who has been running her personal YouTube channel for over a dozen years. Rachel was born in 1991 in California and grew up in Santa Barbara, alongside her three siblings and their parents. Her elder sister Colleen Ballinger is also a social media celebrity and a well known YouTube star. Rachel became active on such platforms as YouTube in the middle of the 2000s and the title of her first channel was Novaqua. Currently, she is running her eponymous channel and every two weeks she uploads an interesting comedy-related video which is usually very much awaited by a large number of her fans. As of the early 2022, there are about 2.7 million followers of her channel and Rachel Ballinger is among 500 most famous YouTubers of modern times.

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