How old is Ricky Ireland?

Ricky Ireland was born on 18 June 1999.
Ricky Ireland is 24 years old.

How old is Ricky Ireland in days now?

Ricky Ireland is 24 years 10 months 6 days old.
Total 9,077 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Ricky Ireland?

Ricky Ireland's next birthday is in 1 month 25 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Ricky Ireland?

Zodiac sign of Ricky Ireland is Gemini.

Ricky Ireland is an American YouTube star and a member of a successful team of YouTubers called Ireland Boys Productions. Born in 1999 in the US, he spent his childhood alongside his parents and his brother Nick who is also one of the founders of IBP. Together with their good friend Rihan Kohli, the brothers decided to start their channel back in 2015 and made up their mind to produce and share various kinds of videos focused mainly on challenges and pranks. They turned out to be very creative as to the ideas for pranks and jokes, so the channel started growing and attracting more and more fans. As of the mid 2023, there are over 4.4 million people following the channel. The activities related to the promotion of IBP channel now go beyond just making and posting videos. Ricky manages the line of merchandise which includes various things with the logo of IBP. He is also involved in a number of other projects including a joint channel with his girlfriend Morgan. Ricky Ireland can be found and followed on Instagram where he has been sharing plenty of bright and interesting photos lately. The number of his fans on the platform is close to a third of a million people. 

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