How old is Runik?

Runik was born on 3 January 1998.
Runik is 26 years old.

How old is Runik in days now?

Runik is 26 years 6 months 12 days old.
Total 9,690 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Runik?

Runik's next birthday is in 5 months 19 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Runik?

Zodiac sign of Runik is Capricorn.

Runik is a famous Instagrammer and a social media star famous for his interesting and unique content. Born Mark Castillo in 1998 in Louisiana, he grew up there, alongside his parents and sister. He has been a great fan of music since his early years and learned playing musical instruments. He wrote and recorded a few hits like "Lost Time" or "I Can't Lie" which have really a lot of views. In the late 2010s Mark was diagnosed with lymphoma and started doing fundraising in order to collect some money for his treatment. He is a good friend of a few popular YouTubers and TikTokers like 22 Savage or Sierraslays (who he is currently expecting the child with). As of the late 2023, the number of the followers on Runik's Instagram account is about 1.8 million people.

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