How old is Sam Pepper?

Sam Pepper was born on 26 March 1989.
Sam Pepper is 35 years old.

How old is Sam Pepper in days now?

Sam Pepper is 35 years 2 months 23 days old.
Total 12,868 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Sam Pepper?

Sam Pepper's next birthday is in 9 months 8 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Sam Pepper?

Zodiac sign of Sam Pepper is Aries.

Sam Pepper is a prankster and a skilled content creator who has been running his TikTok and YouTube channels for many years. Born in 1989 in the UK, he grew up in the city of Ashford, alongside his parents and his two siblings. He graduated from Pent Valley Technology College and in 2010 he took part in a popular local TV show Big Brother. It was the same year when he launched his YouTube channel and started making videos of his pranks and challenges, as well as various other kinds of content. In the middle of the decade his friend Marius Listhrop joined him in managing his channel. Later in the decade Pepper also opened his TikTok channel were he continued sharing his hilarious stuff. As of the early 2024, there are about 4.6 million people following his TikTok channel, and his YouTube channel has been inactive for some years, with the number of fans approximately twice less. Sam Pepper is a designer and has his own clothing line.

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