How old is Slayyy Hailey?

Slayyy Hailey was born on 22 February 2004.
Slayyy Hailey is 18 years old.

How old is Slayyy Hailey in days now?

Slayyy Hailey is 18 years 11 months 11 days old.
Total 6,920 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Slayyy Hailey?

Slayyy Hailey's next birthday is in 20 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Slayyy Hailey?

Zodiac sign of Slayyy Hailey is Pisces.

Slayyy Hailey is a young American TikToker and social media personality known for her interesting and funny content that she has been posting on TikTok for a few years. Born Hailey Quintero in 2004 in New York City, she started getting interested in social media and opened her first TikTok channel when she was only 12 years old. Her personal charisma and cuteness combined with interesting and funny content like lip-syncing, jokes, childish speculations about her life, and such. As of the late 2021, she has got over 2.2 million subscribers on her account, and quite a lot of fans on YouTube and Instagram. Slayyy Hailey loves dancing and singing so she is dreaming about a career in singing. She is close with her cousin Kay who often appears in her videos too.

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