How old is Steven Seagal?

Steven Seagal was born on 10 April 1952.
Steven Seagal is 72 years old.

How old is Steven Seagal in days now?

Steven Seagal is 72 years 1 month 17 days old.
Total 26,345 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Steven Seagal?

Steven Seagal's next birthday is in 10 months 14 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Steven Seagal?

Zodiac sign of Steven Seagal is Aries.

Steven Seagal is a famous American actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, artist, and athlete. He was born in 1952 in Michigan but grew up in California, and since his childhood, he was extremely interested in martial arts. With the great support of his parents, Steven had plenty of training and managed to receive a black belt in aikido. In the early 1907s he moved to Japan and tried to earn money as aikido instructor, but a few years later he returned to the  US and opened an aikido school in the neighborhood of Hollywood. Soon he was invited to help in training some actors, and finally, in 1988 took part in his first movie Above the Law. His further notable works include the movies Under Seige (with Tommy Lee Jones) and its sequel, The Patriot, On Deadly Ground, The Glimmer Man, Half Past Dead, Ticker (with Dennis Hopper), Machete, and a few more. Seagal plays guitar and as a guitarist, he has 2 albums recorded. He is an environmental, animal rights and various social issue activist, taking part in plenty of related charity and social awareness projects. Steven Seagal was married 4 times and has 7 children. Recently, he was repeatedly involved in a number of public issues including harassment, etc.

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