How old is thatmartinkid?

thatmartinkid was born on 25 March 1999.
thatmartinkid is 25 years old.

How old is thatmartinkid in days now?

thatmartinkid is 25 years 3 months 20 days old.
Total 9,244 days old now.

When is the next birthday of thatmartinkid?

thatmartinkid's next birthday is in 8 months 10 days.

What is the zodiac sign of thatmartinkid?

Zodiac sign of thatmartinkid is Aries.

Thatmartinkid is a cool TikTok channel and a great place to find a lot of cheerful and hilarious videos, including lip syncing, some musical experiments, etc. The guy behind it named Martin calls himself a micro-influencer. He was born in 1999 in Canada and spent his early years in Edmonton and then Ottawa. Being an outgoing and sociable teenager, he loved spending time with friends and making jokes. In his early 20s he decided to open his personal TikTok channel and share his videos in order to make someone else's life more interesting and exciting. That is how the channel was launched. Initially centered around just daily life of Martin, later on the focus of the content shifted to some comedy related topics. In addition to promoting Thatmartinkid, he took part in making podcasts together with his fellow YouTubers and TikTokers. As of the early 2024, there are about 1.2 million people following the channel.

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